Conscious Fatherhood Philosophy


Zachary's philosophy on Conscious Fatherhood is about breaking the 'hurt people hurt people' cycle. Although the philosophy is intended for any parent or person, he speaks from the point of view of himself as a father.  His father was hurt by his parents' poor parenting, and then Zachary's dad turned around and continued the cycle by hurting him. As a dad, Zachary has the opportunity to either unintentionally continue a family lineage of pain, or to stop the cycle.

Where It Starts

In order to break his family history of abuse, Zachary had to look at himself first. He did this through therapy and getting "sober" from multiple addictions (dating, sex, people pleasing, technology). Eventually, Zachary learned that it was safe for him to open up and talk about his childhood of abuse and neglect, and the courage to be vulnerable about this transformed his life.

Being a Conscious Father is about people taking care of themselves before taking care of others.  On an airplane, the flight attendant says to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then others. 

This is a message for all people, regardless of whether someone is a parent or not, because when the world is full of people working toward being the best version of themselves that they can possibly be... the world becomes a better place.    

Conscious parenting can help stop addictions.  Conscious parenting can help stop the stigma of mental health.  Conscious parenting can heal the world.  And it all starts with us.