About Me

First, thank you for visiting my website. I'm an average guy with extraordinary life experiences, from both of my parents being Hollywood celebrities... to losing my mom to cancer... being co-raised by my father and John Travolta... battling my addictions... falling in love and becoming a father for the first time. I see all of life as a gift.

I've been honored to have reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through my articles and interviews. My mission in life is to bring others into freedom, just like I have experienced. Freedom from self pity. Freedom from addiction. Freedom from the need to be liked and loved. Freedom from the past. 

I am working on a children's book, inspired by my daughter, and my life's work, my autobiography. 

I live in Los Angeles with my beautiful wife, Sarah Goodson, and daughter, Hyland Celeste.


Praise for Zachary's Work

"Zachary is a writer capable of reflecting back the parts of me I need to look at. He's able to remind me of where my work is too." - Paul Williams, Academy Award winning musical composer, singer, actor

"Zachary's ability to come clean about who he is allows readers to see that there is a little bit of us in Zachary and a little bit of Zachary in us." - Tracy Jackson, screenwriter of Confessions of a Shopaholic, author

"Zach is one of the most wonderful and insightful writers of our time." - John Travolta

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