Zachary Goodson is a dynamic writer who focuses on sharing his real life experiences of learning a new way to think, feel, and live. His writing is unique in his ability to express the daily battle between his ears - his mind. Zachary leads by example and shares his process of moving from fear to empowerment.

In his upcoming book Zachary uncovers the link between early childhood memories of the loss of his mother to cancer (actress Diana Hyland) and being raised between his dad and his mother’s lover (John Travolta), and their impact on his adulthood of struggle, fear, and addictions. From survivor to thriver, Zachary shares how he hit bottom and has rebuilt a life of self-love, healing, romance, and newfound dreams. 

His writing reminds readers that they aren’t alone in their pain and that, as his upcoming book is titled, “It’s Always Worse in Your Head.” 

Zachary’s writing has been published for thousands of readers internationally through Tiny Buddha, Gratitude and Trust (as seen on Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday), and other popular self-help publications. Recently he also held a guest spot with his wife (Sarah Goodson) on a New York Times and Psychology Today reviewed podcast with host Paul Gilmartin, Mental Illness Happy Hour, reaching over 300,000 listeners a month.

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