Zachary Goodson is a writer who focuses on sharing his real life experiences of learning a new way to think, feel, and live. His writing is unique in his ability to express the daily battle between his ears - his mind.  Zachary shares stories about his processes of moving from fear to empowerment and living a healthier happier life with his wife and daughter.

Zachary has reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through his articles and interviews.  His mission in life is to bring others into freedom, just like he has experienced. Freedom from self pity.  Freedom from addiction.  Freedom from the need to be liked and loved.  Freedom from the past.  Freedom to be who they are meant to be.

Zachary is known as "the Conscious Father." Through his stories, he wants to empower parents (and all people) to make the world a better place for his daughter and future generations. 

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